So you’re going away… Hang on a minute what will happen to Kitty?

  • Pet-boarding? Not every cat thrives in an environment where there are other cats in close proximity.
  • Phone a friend, neighbour, or family member? Sometimes our nearest and dearest are not the best person for the job of looking after our cat just the way we like it.
  • Take your cat with you? Road trips may be our idea of fun but they don’t always have the same appeal for our feline friends.

Could Kitty be happier at home?

What if Kitty could stay at home surrounded by all the usual creature comforts? They could still snooze in their favourite sunny spot; sharpen their claws on their favourite scratching post (or couch); and stick to their favourite food routine.

How our cat-sitting service works

It couldn’t be simpler. We come to you. With our at-home cat visiting service the only thing you have to decide is whether you’d like Kitty to have one, or two, visits a day.

Each visit is generally half-an-hour. In that time we make sure their food bowl is full, their litter tray is not, and they have all the love and attention they need.

The benefits of having a cat-sitter take care of Kitty

  • Kitty gets to stay in familiar surroundings where they are Top Cat. That may be particularly important if they are shy, territorial, or elderly.
  • We understand it’s about more than just putting down food and scooping the litter tray. No matter what people say about how self-sufficient cats are we know they often love a cuddle, a pat, a chat, or a game.
  • There’s no need to take them anywhere which is great if travelling in a car or putting them in a cat-carrier brings out the worst in them.
  • Our cat-sitting service is particularly handy if you have more than one kitty to love.
  • The added extras: we can also bring in mail, water plants, and keep your place secure by switching on lights overnight; bringing in newspapers; or turning on a radio if needed.
  • We don’t mind doing whatever it takes to keep your cat purring. So there’s no need to feel shy about asking us to run a tap or a shower if your kitty likes to play with water or drink from a glass or a tap; put on the radio or telly if they like company; or warm up a heat pad in winter – we’ve done it all before!

Next steps

If you feel our at-home cat-visiting service could be purr-fect for your puss please contact us.

When you contact us let us know the dates you are likely to need our help and whether you would prefer one or two visits a day.

We will then make a time to come and meet you and your kitty and take down all the details of their usual food and litter routine, favourite toys or hiding spots, and the vet you prefer to use.

Still got questions?

Check out our FAQ page or contact us.

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