How do I book?

It’s easy. Fill in the contact form; send us an email or a Facebook message; or give us a call. Don’t forget to tell us the dates you need help; the suburb where you live; and your cat’s name.

One visit a day or two?

People tend to choose two visits per day for their cats for a few different reasons:-

  • Their cats are used to going outside during the day so they are let out during the AM visit and come in during the PM visit (or the cat door is locked);
  • They have two cats – one who is a scoffer and the other who is a grazer. To make sure the grazer actually gets some food and it’s not all wolfed down by the scoffer they prefer them to be fed twice a day rather than just once;
  • Their cat needs medication twice a day;
  • Their cat is used to having a lot of company perhaps because they work from home;
  • Their cat is super-cuddly and loves a lot of attention.

When should I book?

Some people book their Christmas cat-sit in April while others book the day before they are going away. We know sometimes travel plans are last minute because of emergencies and unforeseen work trips and who doesn’t love a spontaneous trip away? To give us the best chance of being able to visit your cat it’s ideal to give us a week’s notice and more if you need our help at peak periods such as the Christmas holiday season or public holiday weekends.

What happens when I make a booking?

We will make a time to come and meet you and your kitty and take down all the details of their usual food and litter routine, favourite toys or hiding spots, and the vet you prefer to use.


How much do you charge?

We like to keep it simple. Check out our Prices page for the latest information.

How do I pay for my cat-sit?

We will provide bank details for Kitty Connection when you and your cat have met your cat-sitter so you can make an electronic transfer.

Do you offer discounts for longer sits?

We have thought about this. Really we have. But we think you want us to maintain our service standards throughout the entire sit so we don’t offer discounts for longer sits. In our favour we often go the extra mile, particularly during longer sits, without charging for that too.

My cat

What if my cat is shy?

We always let the cat take the lead. We won’t chase a shy cat around the house trying to pat them if they are just not into it. Instead, we’ll take a softly, softly approach – maybe have a little chat or try and provoke their curiosity with a toy. Often even the shyest of cats thaw out after a couple of visits when they realise we’re the one filling their food bowl while you’re away.

What if my cat has a nasty streak?

We know not all cats are sweetness and light. If your cat is prone to a swipe or a bite let us know when we come to meet you. That way we know to bring our suit of armour when we visit.

The cat sit

Will lots of different people be visiting my cat?

No. Usually there will be one cat-sitter visiting your cat the entire time. That way they get to know your cat and your cat gets to know the cat-sitter.

Will the cat-sitter snoop in my cupboards and drawers?

Someone did ask us that once! We know you place a lot of trust in us when you hand over the care of your beloved kitty and house to us and we will treat your home and possessions with respect. Any doors that are shut stay shut and we won’t rifle through your books or CD collections.

What if I come back early or want to extend my trip?

Plans change. People get sick, flights are delayed, camping in a tent in the rain isn’t your idea of fun. If you come back early from a trip for whatever reason and let us know we will refund any unused visits.

If you’re having a whale of a time and want to extend your holiday check in with us before we make the final visit to your cat. Often it’s possible to keep visiting your cat.

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