It all started with a cat and a Vespa.

Founder of Kitty Connection

Hi I’m Christine! In 2006 I had a handsome tabby boy to call my own but I still loved to travel and sometimes work took me places too. It became a little awkward asking the same friends and family members to look after him whenever I had travel plans.

Thinking other cat-lovers must face the same situations I decided to see if I could give them a helping hand. With my mint green Vespa it was easy to zoom all over town meeting lovely people and their gorgeous pussycats.

Kitty Connection has now been looking after pussycats in Sydney for many years and we feel privileged to have the trust and friendship of both the kitties and their owners.

The one thing our team of experienced and professional cat-sitters have in common is we love all kinds of kitties and we always love to meet a new kitty and their owner.

So if you’re making travel plans please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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